Kirschner Saw Tipping Machines

Product Description

The LK Pro is the ideal machine for both retipping and saw tip removal in mid-size to large sawmills. Its user-friendly icon-based interface, smart design, compact size and precision CNC controls are setting a new standard in what North American Sawmills should expect from your Automatic Saw Tipping machine. The LK Pro delivers fully automatic brazing of Pretinned Carbide and Pretinned Stellite Tips.



  • Saws from 4” – to 31.5” Diameter.
  • Hook angles from 10 DGE Negative to 32 DEG Positive
  • Tip lengths from 0.137” to 0.510” and widths of 0.050 to 0.350” automatically brazed at up to 13 tips per minute.
  • It is a solid, well-built machine engineered for industrial use. The LK Pro uses machined steel components where competitors use lightweight aluminum.
  • Innovations include a patented “non-vibratory” feed bowl for quick change over and no plug ups.
  • Feed bowl has an “automatic empty” function to returns tips to their box while you make your change over.
  • Easy-to-use, multi-axis pyrometer positioning system for both accuracy and speedy setup.
  • Designed specifically for the Filing Room with a compact footprint, approx 55” wide X 45” deep X 67” tall.
  • Every Component is of the highest quality available and newest advanced technology to meet both your current and - most importantly - future needs and requirements for many years to come.
  • The LK Pro is your solution for fully automatic brazing of Pretinned Carbide and Pretinned Stellite Tips for today and tomorrow.
  • Data and inputs Imperial (inch) format
  • Extremely accurate, reducing grinding time, increasing saw accuracy
  • Extremely fast and user-friendly change over time – minutes
  • Extremely durable German construction, machined steel parts where competitors use aluminum
  • Extremely fast operating speed – up to 13 tips/minute

The touchscreen interface includes icons for each saw type specific to your sawmill. For example, VDA, VSS, Quad, Board Eger, Trim Sawmill, Trim Planer, etc. No need to re-enter data, such as tip count, each time.



  • Saw Blank Diameter: 4" - 31.5"
  • Hook Angle: -10° up to +32°
  • Tip Length: .137" up to .510"
  • Tip Width: .050" up to .350"
  • Capacity: HF Generator 5.6 KW Ceia
  • Electrics: 208/460/600 Volt 3 PH, 60 Hz
  • Pneumatics: 90 PSI (6 Bar)
  • Floor Area: Approx. 55" W x 45.52" D x 67.32" H


Available Options include:

  • 2.12 Modem Internet – diagnostic system
  • 2.13 Water Chiller
  • 2.14 Transformer 220/480/600 V available
  • 3.03 Tip Removal / Tip replace two modes
  • 3.01 Automatic Saw Sash positioning via 2 servo axis responds to Icons
  • 3.02 Automatic Tip Terf Carriage positioning via 1 servo responds to Icons
  • 3.04 V-Top Tip Sort
  • 3.05 SMARTBRAZE // RFID software and hardware ready


User Interface Screen:

User Interface Screen

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