Kahny Saw Tipping Machines

Product Description

The Sawmill Kahny Automatic Tipper System is designed by saw filers, for saw filers.


  • Eliminate tip loss
  • Higher tooth bite
  • Faster feed rate
  • Compatible with carbide or super alloy saw tips
  • Re-tips 10 saws per hour
  • Precise squaring and centering, tips need only be 0.005” over final kerf
  • Balanced side clearance for accurate side grinding
  • Easy set up and operation
  • New camera sorting system
  • V-Top, alternate tops in one setup
  • Touch screen controls
  • Full technical support

Kahny is the recognized World Leader in automatic carbide saw tipping. The Sawmill Kahny Brazing Machine accurately positions the saw tip, minimizing wasted grinding time. Powerful, yet precisely controlled heating and annealing ensures an optimal bond without affecting saw tension.

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