Benefits of Kahny

Precise Centering of Tips

  • Tips only need to be 0.005” over final kerf
  • Less side grinding
  • Reduced grinding time
  • Extends life of grinding machine
  • Saves grinding wheels due to less material removal
  • Reduces horn flex
  • Produces more accurate side clearance and angles

Automated Process

  • Repeatable heating/cooling/annealing cycles
  • Consistant bond
  • Less tip loss
  • Consistently tempers saw plate reduces horn breakage
  • Focused heat
  • Maintain original saw tension
  • Relieves filer from manual brazing
  • Reduced RMI (repetitive motion injury) risk
  • Reduced exposure to fumes and eye strain
  • Frees up time to work saw plate or other task

Increased Saw Plate Life

  • Ease of tip replacement maintains sufficient side clearance
  • Minimizes the need to level and tension saw plate – less metal fatigue
  • Helps reduce unscheduled saw changes

Initial Saw Cost Savings

  • Untipped saw plate can be purchased at a reduced cost and finished in house