About Us

Who we are

Helping sawmills get the job done since 1995

Cut Technologies is recognized as an industry leader, offering cost-effective solutions to the wood and metal saw industries. We offer equipment and products to sawmills throughout North America and beyond. By applying the highest ethical and socially responsible standards to our decision-making processes, we create parallel goals with our customers and employees.

We utilize the most advanced and innovative technologies in our saw blade manufacturing. We strive to provide products that deliver the greatest efficiency, highest recovery, and lowest maintenance costs to our customers. Choose Quality, Innovation, and Customer Service for your company!

Why Choose Cut Technologies?


Our manufacturing facilities have the finest quality control systems to ensure outgoing products are of the highest precision and quality. We use Uddeholm steel/German steel for our band and round saw production. Beyond our proprietary thermal leveling process for round saws and our tension stabilizing process for both band and round saws, we take pride in our saws' longer running times, narrower kerfs, exceptional flatness, and reduced bench time.


We have continually led the saw manufacturing industry through our investment in high-tech equipment to ensure our manufacturing facilities consistently produce high-quality saws. Furthermore, Cut Tech has a long-term commitment to innovation in the industry; not just in supplying saws, but also on the saw filing equipment side of the business. Cut Tech is the Canadian distributor and factory service representative for German equipment manufacturer Vollmer, a mainstay in the filing room. Cut Tech is also the exclusive North American distributor for several European manufacturers.

Customer Service

Our focus as a company is on sawmills and what they need. Every saw we produce is custom-made to the specific demands of the sawmill. From regular onsite visits by traveling sales personnel to machinery repair by factory-trained technicians, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the expertise, knowledge, and support they need to stay ahead of the curve and help them through industry downturns.

Our Products

From saw blades and knives to manufactured goods and consumables, we have just about everything you’ll need to complete your job. In addition to being able to provide you with the equipment you need, we have all of the machinery necessary to grind, tip, or maintain the integrity of your tooling- or saw-related equipment. We know that everything we carry serves a very important purpose for the workers of the wood and metal products industries, so we ensure that everything we supply you with is a cut above the rest.

Our History

Cut Technologies

Entrepreneur Michael Cloutier founded Cut Technologies in 1995. What started as a company operating solely out of Bellingham, Washington has grown to have several locations across North America. Cloutier’s vision was to create a premier saw manufacturing company that would serve the ever-growing demands of the wood and metal industries. With 20 years of personal experience in the saw grinding industry, he knew what it would take to provide quality equipment to the companies that need it.

Cut Technologies has seen tremendous growth over the last two decades. We have expanded our product lines to include the most technologically advanced machinery available. We continue to work diligently to source and manufacture top-of-the-line equipment that leads the industry in efficiency and reliability. As the newest, safest, and most effective technologies come to market, we incorporate them into our product lines to ensure we are providing our customers with the best of the best.

Our promise to you is that we will always strive to provide exceptional customer service, quality products, and innovative solutions to fit all of your wood and metal industry needs.

The Burton Family

Burton Saw Family

As part of the Burton Saw and Supply family of companies, we understand that each and every one of your jobs is never just a one step process. Each day on the job calls for different steps, different knowledge, and, in turn, different equipment. We know you need the saws to cut through the lumber. We know that you need the grinders to keep the saws sharp, and the tippers to make sure the saws bite hard. We know that you need the tools to put equipment together and the consumables to help make sure everything runs smoothly.

That’s why Burton Saw and Supply has spent nearly 100 years sourcing all of the companies that help you complete your workday puzzle. With companies like Wright Machine, Global Tooling, and Cut Technologies sitting under the Burton family tree, we really do have it all. Working with these great companies is something we enjoy doing and we’re glad that we’ve created such a successful network with all of them in it.