Wright Saw Tipping Machines

Product Description

The Wright Machine line of automatic tippers includes both integrated tipper/annealer machines and a stand-alone annealer.  The industry-leading Talon TW-3 tipper, makes use of an innovative preformed triangle PM12 saw tip.  The integrated tipping and annealing technology conserves floor space and makes the tipping process easier and more affordable than ever.

Our unique Weld System even turns slag into an advantage by keeping it in the weld zone. This not only strengthens the weld but allows for full annealing of the slag material.  In addition to being the fastest tipping and annealing machine on the market, the proven TW-3 significantly cuts grinding times as well. The triangular design of the tip has the top and face angles already in place.

With the TW-3's ability to accurately place the tips centered on the saw, side grinding time is also reduced.  All of this adds up to added tip life, lower abrasive wheel use, and saving time!

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